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The DQYDJ Weekender Weekly Roundup, 8/6/2016

Happy Summer Olympics 2016! Did you, like us, stay up for the entire opening ceremony? We're going to be either glued to the television or, at least, have it on in the background for Olympics time... so, through the 21st I guess it is.  Good luck to all the athletes! Here's something funny, since rugby […]

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The DQYDJ Weekender Weekly Roundup, 7/29/2016

Heads up to all our readers - the site will be down for approximately one hour at 1:00 AM Pacific Time/4:00 AM Eastern Time (UTC 9:00) Sunday morning.  We're moving from the 2GM RAM VPS to a 4GB RAM VPS thanks to Webfaction upgrading our plan. I'll increase some of the caches once the site […]

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The DQYDJ Weekender Weekly Roundup, 7/23/2016

Okay, call it a two week roundup - we had another one of those "vacation" type vacations with our daughter a couple weeks back. (Shouldn't have joked about it in the recent vacation post!) I know; I owe you a weekender - so enjoy this packed one.  Let's kick it off with some folks playing […]

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The DQYDJ Weekender Weekly Roundup, 7/2/2016

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!  (That goes to our non-American Readers too, all 20.79% of you). What have you got planned?  BBQs, families, blowing things up?  Watching others blow things up, possibly in the air?  Doing something on the water?  Let's hear it! Links We Liked! At Priceonomics, a study of the proportion of revenues […]

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The DQYDJ Weekender, 6/25/2016

Sorry about the schedule slip last week - everyone's fine now, but we spent a few days in the hospital last week.  I promise not to abandon my favorite readers, even in the middle of summer!  So, here's an extra helping of articles for this weekend... But first... Brexit! A lot of elite corners aren't […]

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The DQYDJ Weekender, 6/11/2016

For you programmers out there, I had the pleasure of finishing a fun programming challenge/CTF which relates pretty well to this site - Stockfighter, from the folks at Starfighter. The premise?  You write algorithmic trading code to beat different levels: market making, momentum strategies, even strategies causing... we'll just say chaos... in the virtual markets.  […]

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The DQYDJ Weekender, 5/28/2016

What a nice day, and a great Memorial Day Weekend... at least here in the Bay Area.  What are you folks up to this weekend? For later, when you're not outside anymore, here're some of the most interesting things I was reading this week.  Surely you'll agree... Links We Liked! A man dug through microfilm […]

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The DQYDJ Weekender, 5/14/2016

Some of you may have noticed - you can access DQYDJ with either the non-secured http:// or the secured https:// the last couple of days.  Not that I enjoy writing about our writing, but since we've changed 4 major variables recently: Moved to VPS Redesign http -> https .net -> .com we were suddenly down […]

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The DQYDJ Weekender, 5/7/2016

This is probably only the third redesign Don't Quit Your Day Job... has gone through, and it's always a bit of a letdown when the majority of things are done.  Expect to see only minor changes and new features added, but at this point it's mostly What You See is What You Get. Hope you […]

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The DQYDJ Weekender, 4/23/16 Weekly Roundup

Still lot of changes on the backend.  You'll see soon. (Why would I make it up?) My dad is in town - he says "hi"! Links We Liked! Nelson at Financial Uproar discusses covered calls, outsourcing them to a closed end fund... and how it might be a crowded trade. (PDF) The CFPB released a […]

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