Carnivals and Links, Week of August 17

August 22nd, 2020 by 

Posts We Liked!

Read these.  We did.  We liked them enough to provide the links for you here.

  • "Will Buffet's Value Principals Survive Buffet?" - Warren Buffet's advancing age means one day soon his investing principals will have to carry on without him.  Will the value investing movement survive without it's de facto leader?
  • "Oil Gas Price Correlation: How to Estimate the Impact of Oil Prices on Your Wallet" - Darwin shares his plot of oil prices vs. gas prices, and best fit linear and polynomial equations for calculating gas prices from oil prices.  Key takeaway: stress test your wallet!
  • "Insurance You Can Do Without" - A series of articles on insurances you can avoid, and why.  The article linked is to Accidental Death Insurance.  Interesting and funny.
  • "What We Expect of Insurance" - An article contrasting car and health insurance; their differences and similarities.  Also of note, the article "I Got the Bill", showing the author's experience with the lack of transparency in the health market.  It's a good point, and worth noting again... for a market based system to work, there has to be pricing transparency in health care.
  • "Green ETF List" - Here is a very useful list of green (as in clean technology) ETFs.  Think it's green's time to shine?  Click through...





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