Carnivals and Links, Week of August 31

August 22nd, 2020 by 

Posts We Liked!

And you will too...

  • "Will you ask a question that shows your ignorance?" - Do you sometimes feel companies try to pull the wool over your eyes in order to push you towards a specific option?  What questions would you ask?
  • "Calculating Your Real Hourly Wage" - Inspired by the PF classic [amazon-product text="Your Money or Your Life" type="text"]0143115766[/amazon-product], nickel takes a look at some of the factors affecting your true hourly wage.  No, the correct answer isn't salary / 2080...
  • "Lessons From the Rally: Don't Be Greedy" - You survived the downfall, now make sure the lessons your learned aren't forgotten in the ensuing rally.  These 50% gains aren't free...
  • "The Risk of Failing Expectations for Executives" - What if you're a C-level employee like a CEO or a CFO, and your company delivers an earnings miss?  Political Calculations does the math.
  • "How Much is Your Time REALLY Worth?" - Another post on the value of your time to pound the point home.  It's true, some of what you do you can't avoid easily... you need to know your true hourly wage (which he calculates based on the 168 hour week).  The Weakonomist makes his case.




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