Carnivals and Links, Week of May 3

August 22nd, 2020 by 

I'm just chilling until I get a new video card in my main article producing machine (Coming very soon, don't worry!).  I'll share this other content with you while you wait with bated breath for new articles!


"Substitution vs. Income Effect" - Cameron's first article in a while was hosted in the Swine Edition (you'll see what I mean) of the Carnival of Personal Finance at the Well-Heeled Blog.

"The Geithner Defense" - was hosted next to a creepy picture of Nicole Kidman in The Others in the Money Hacks Carnival at Nerd Wallet!

Posts We Liked!

"The Great Paper Towel Test: What Brand is Your Best Value?" - too good to pass up!

"Whither Dividends in 2010" - Currently, dividend taxes on the highest earners are slated to be increased by up to 164%.  How will this affect expected stock returns (and actual, once we get there!).  Ironman, if you're listening, do you think we'll see a rash of companies buying back stock in lieu of increasing dividends?

"Change Your Mindset and Save a Fortune!" - As the subheading states, 200,000 miles is the new 100,000 miles.  I went to 212,000 with my last Saab (1995... I crashed it!) and am at 83,000 with my current (2005).  I must say, most cars, with proper maintenance, will make the 200,000 barrier easily.  A great article!

"How to Buy A Car Online" - I don't know why I'm in car mode, but it actually does seem to me like more and more cars are bought online.  This is an interesting trend, to say the least.  For the record, I actually like the negotiation part... and I'm an Engineer, not a Salesman!

"Shop Safely Online: Use a Virtual Credit Card Number" - The sketchier the site, the more likely I am to use a one-time credit card number.  However, most places I feel are pretty legit (use and resellerratings!), so they get the real 16/15 digits!



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