Carnivals and Links, Week of November 21

August 22nd, 2020 by 

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  • "It's Okay Not To Be Saving For Retirement In Your 20s and 30s" - interesting piece from Four Pillars.  It's good advice too.  It's encouraging to see so many young finance gurus on the internet, however, since they'll have that one step up.
  • "Every Exchange Traded Fund Known To Man" - wow Darwin, nice list!  Worth a bookmark.  If you can help him out with some unlisted funds, let him know.
  • "Why Phone Insurance is a Scam" - good article, but anecdotally, it works for me.  I got my first phone replaced (broken touchscreen) after complaining loudly and widely (but I didn't have a phone for a few days).  I signed up for insurance after that incident since I had only had the phone for 6 months.  Since then, it's broken twice, and been covered under the insurance (one replaced, one new screen).  (Un)lucky enough to have insurance work?  Maybe.  However, maybe the key to phone insurance is getting it for your new touchscreen phones and not your button ones?  For the record, I've now had the phone for 13 months.
  • "How to Profit From a Weak Dollar" - you may be wondering this very thing.  Since I touched on gold recently, this is a timely piece.  Check it out!
  • "The High Cost of Being a Moron" - WYOJEFF and I both had a car towed recently.  Check those street signs!  I feel your pain, man.

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