Carnivals and Links, Week of October 28

August 22nd, 2020 by 

Featured Links

Stuff we read, and stuff we suggest you read...

  • "Does the U.S. Congress Cost Jobs?" - We've covered the effects of the Minimum wage on unemployment, but here's an article that runs the numbers post-WW2.  Check it out, it's another great article from Political Calculations!
  • "Protect your Shriveling Assets" - Retirement Savior shows the S&P 500 naked- linked to the value of various currencies.  A must read.
  • "Green Speak from Companies - What's in it For Consumers?" - Darwin of Darwin's Finance notes that not many places have (monetary- this isn't the place for me to discuss morals) incentives for users to switch to green options.  Of note- one of my banks charges me to receive paper statements, but sticks aren't the same as carrots.  One place I have seen rewarding customers is my local Trader Joe's, which enters reusable bag users into a weekly lottery.
  • "The Economy?  There is Hope!" - Steve Forbes likes what he sees in California, with the potential restructuring of the tax code.  So do I, but I live here so I guess I'm biased...


Back in the saddle again!  Check out these carnivals we were featured in:



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