Carnivals and Links, Week of September 13

August 22nd, 2020 by 

Posts We Liked!

Which means you have to give them a chance!

  • "Cash for Appliances Program - Clunkers in the Kitchen" - You guessed it, another stimulus is in the works.  Here's Darwin's take.  Hopefully cash for clunker laptops is next - the one I'm typing on now is racking up the years.  Of course, if it is, I'm delaying my purchase...
  • "Matching College Costs and Salaries" - Interesting take on college major analysis.  Match your expected salary with your expected debt!
  • "Trying the Cash Method Again" - I just posted on a restaurant which switched to credit and debit only.  What if you went the other way?  Paying only in cash seems to make one more careful when it comes to purchasing decisions.
  • "Internships: Go for the Money or the Experience?" - I'd say listen to the author and intern as early as possible.  If your field generally has an unpaid year, then at least you're getting paid for the rest of your college experience.  So... I'm biased towards experience.
  • "Mixed Signals from Payroll Data" - Yes, unemployment is 9.7%.  The payroll report is so much deeper than that though.  Read through some of the other issues.




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