Carnivals and Links, Week of September 7

August 22nd, 2020 by 

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  • "Reduced Government Pensions" - I commented on it in a previous article, but this is an important point: public pension plans are not as carefully managed as private plans.  Beware of changes if you are in a public plan!
  • "Leveraged ETFs are Complex?" - Frank at Bad Money Advise points out how obvious it is leveraged ETFs won't match multiple times an index return over long periods of time.  The absurdity of brokerages banning these products is all the more blatant when you take a look at their goal: to multiply individual day returns.
  • "Rising National Debt Makes Roth IRA a Good Choice" - Yes, someone has to pay for all this debt.  If not one of the current generations, a future generation.  Why not protect some of your hard-earned cash?
  • "The Least Surprising Correlation of All Time" - Greg Mankiw shows us some 'omitted variable bias' in the New York Time.  Pretty funny!  I'm going to add a few bathrooms to my house now.
  • "Grim Milestone for Teen Jobs" - Political Calculations shows some sobering numbers on teen employment.  Still think the minimum wage as it is designed is a good idea?




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