The DQYDJ Weekender, 3/26/2016 Weekly Roundup

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It's finally over, the Citi Forward is cutting its 5% categories, without a real alternative to switch to:

Picture of Citi Forward 5% changing to 2% cutting benefits

It's Over - 5% Card Turning into a 2% Card...

I'm sure this is a sign of something - your thoughts on exactly what are appreciated!  Extended low interest rates?  Rewards programs running dry?  Credit CARD Act finally catching up to us?

Links We Liked!

  • We've been trading emails with the fine folks at the Universal Income Project this last week... hopefully I'll be able to get out to one of their Bay Area meetups eventually (here's our calculator on the Negative Income Tax).
    • In other NIT related news this week, New Zealand's Kiwi Party is considering a ~$11,000 Universal Basic Income for all adult Kiwis!
    • Some interesting discussion in the Sam Altman AMA at Hacker News - both on a UBI and on tons of other startup related topics.
  • Awesome story from J$ at Budgets are Sexy of an anti-money couple who learned to appreciate the almighty dollar when saving up for a "Tiny Home" - where would they respond to the poll in our next link?
  • Big story in the Washington Post claiming that Millennials are very open to socialism - at least until they start working.  Making $40,000 a year seems to be the cutoff where a majority of Millennials start to vote against increased benefits.
  • Go Curry Cracker shares their current asset allocation - including 91% in stock (and 95% overall in risk assets if you include the REITs)...  I'll have to share ours soonish, since the taxes are now done!
  • Nelson at Financial Uproar wonders whether trying to learn how to invest is even worth it - or passive is best?
  • Ben Carlson shares a story of a Ponzi Scheme in West Michigan, and shares why you need to pay attention to make sure no one is pulling one over on you.
  • Whelp, I guess it's time to stop trusting video.  Real time editing of expressions and mouth movements demoed!
  • Ironman at Political Calculations graphs the sales of new houses by market capitalization... finding interesting things in the second derivative.  Care to weigh in?
  • In Business Insider, an expose on a Convenience Store with ZERO Employees.  It's also open 24 hours.  (How long until I can send my automated auto to the automated clerk to pick up some lottery tickets?)

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