The DQYDJ Weekender, 4/3/2016 Weekly Roundup

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Don't Quit Your Day Job... is now finally on a Virtual Private Server.

Sorry we've been so unreachable lately and had to turn comments off, but now you know why - we packed up and moved to Webfaction's $30 plan.  That's 2GB RAM, 45GB storage and 2 cores all to ourselves, and plenty of freedom to grow even more.  We've been playing with our account for a few days and load testing this WordPress installation, and... it's good...

We won't see this sort of sorry performance again:

Picture of entry processes maxing out from CPanel

Last 30 Days on DQYDJ... Dumpster Fire

So if you've been avoiding us lately due to the performance, please come back!  (And why did we wait this long?  You'll see in a few weeks, I promise).

Also, my bracket got destroyed... did yours?

One last link to Webfaction, if you're in the market for a reasonably priced managed VPS!

Let's catch up on the reading... a lot of these I found this morning when I took a break from webmastering:

Links We Liked!

  • Free By 50 noticed something weird in the 'defaulting on student loans' statistics: lots of defaulters were people who dropped out of college.  Only 2% of those with a Bachelor's were in default!
  • Go Curry Cracker posted their epic annual tax return post - six-figure realized income, no income taxes!
  • Nelson at Financial Uproar argues that checking your net worth constantly is wrong.  I tend to agree - you've been reading us for 7 years, so the odds are investment performance dominates your net worth returns at this point.  If Mint didn't throw it's estimate of NW in my face every time I logged on, I'd probably be in the once a year camp.
  • I know, I know - you hate the concept of BMI.  As we've argued before though, it's great in aggregate - check out this interactive visualization of BMI trends in the World.  It's enough to make you avoid carbs for a week...
  • Ben Carlson at a Welath of Common Sense asks... are European stocks cheap, or are American stocks expensive?  ("Yes.". Also, we have a Cyclically Adjusted PE Ratio Calculator if you want to play with the duration (like reducing from 10 to 6 year lookback to avoid lots of writedowns during the Great Recession).
  • Our pal Sherry at Save. Spend. Splurge. shares her work history... from the age of seven!
  • Len Penzo points out a situation where our conditioning to buy in bulk would have cost us.
  • At Political Calculations, a back-of-the-envelope calculator to predict when the debt-bubble might pop in various countries (starting with Australia!).
  • Who's moving to the cities?  Jed Kolko points out it's a lot of Generation Xers, not so much the Boomers.. contrary to conventional wisdom.  In fact, younger Boomers are less likely to live in cities (so far).
  • A great discussion from Andy Cotgreave on beauty, utility, and visualization.

Don't Quit Your Day Job...

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