The DQYDJ Weekender, 5/28/2016

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What a nice day, and a great Memorial Day Weekend... at least here in the Bay Area.  What are you folks up to this weekend?

For later, when you're not outside anymore, here're some of the most interesting things I was reading this week.  Surely you'll agree...

Links We Liked!

  • A man dug through microfilm on San Francisco rent prices back to the 50s and proved something very simple from Econ 101 - even San Francisco's housing prices obey supply and demand.
  • Go Curry Cracker shares an interesting service - remote mail acceptance.  As someone who has had mail stolen before... I wonder...
  • Some pretty fascinating history on Ted Benna, the 'inventor' (more like 'discoverer'; you'll see) of the 401(k) - who thinks it isn't sustainable in its current state.  See our own history of the 401(k) contribution piece - and kudos to Mr. Benna for reading the fine print in the tax code.
  • Our friend Sherry at Save. Spend. Splurge. makes the case for a 'spend' on a healthy diet, even though lots of frugal folks and startup founders go for the cheap options for food - Ramen profitable, anyone?  (No one would accuse us of scrimping on food, haha).
  • Fewer workers are choosing to move to seek better employment - what does this say about the labor market?
  • Here's one for the emergency fund folks - access to credit predicts better results for unemployed workers eventually finding jobs.
  • Jim at FreeBy50 points out something lost in the whole student loan debate: 2/3 of student loan debt is owed by people over 30.  (I would have guess something like 1/4 if I hadn't seen the numbers before, considering it's essentially required and usually comes with a 10 year payoff... but he's correct!)
  • Gavin Kelly argues that the 'robot revolution' we're all holding our breath waiting for (and to see which jobs no longer exist) will take far fewer jobs than predicted.  I, for one, will keep an open mind on this one.
  • Political Calculations has an interesting post graphic the history of the productivity of wheat farmers!
  • Maybe letting your kids watch TV isn't so bad?  An interview with Stanford's Matthew Gentzkow.  (I do worry some about my daughter's screen time, but she'll surely know a lot about Sofia the First).


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