The DQYDJ Weekender, 5/7/2016

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This is probably only the third redesign Don't Quit Your Day Job... has gone through, and it's always a bit of a letdown when the majority of things are done.  Expect to see only minor changes and new features added, but at this point it's mostly What You See is What You Get.

Hope you enjoy it though - I think it looks a lot better.

Also, that '.com'.  I can get used to it!

Links We Liked!

  • Looks like friends of the site Nelson of Financial Uproar, JT of Money Mamba and Steve of Steveonomics were all in Omaha for the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting.  A bit jealous?  Yeah!
  • What's the plural of iPad?  iPads Pro?  iPad Pros?  iPad Pro devices?  Go weigh in.
  • At Political Calculations, America's shrinking trade deficit might mean bad news for China.  Follow their research.
  • There are competitive Rock. Paper. Scissors. players.  Seriously.
  • Sherry at Save. Spend. Splurge. asks: "how much debt is too much?"
  • San Francisco is a case study in poor housing laws (not that the rest of the Bay Area is better), but one of the more common refrains you'll hear when asking how to reduce prices is "build more housing".  Here's to story of one neighborhood's fight to prevent housing from being built.
  • Data journalism didn't predict Donald Trump getting the (presumptive) Republican nomination - should we count it out?
  • If you're looking at staying in school for a Ph.D... read this New York Times article on your likely job prospects.
  • Godwin's Law states that as an online discussion continues longer and longer, the odds someone will be called a Nazi or Hitler approach one hundred percent.  Curious GNU set out to find some of those hand-wavey percentages (without trying to prove Godwin's Law), and found that half of all threads with more than 1,000 comments had a mention, and up to 90% of threads over 4,000!

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