Links and Carnivals, Week of June 14

August 22nd, 2020 by 


Actually got a carnival for you - surprising, since I'm such a slacker in the summer.


Because these articles are great.  I'll continue to trickle new material out, but go visit these sites!

  • '"Priceline Users Be Careful" - Len gets thrown in Priceline negotiating jail for... negotiating!
  • "Extra Income vs. Saving Money- Have You Considered Everything?" - Darwin makes the point that a straight 'overtime vs. do-your-own-project' calculation isn't always as stacked as it seems.  It's become a pastime for people to make a simple 'dollars x hours' calculation when making the argument for one over another, but you need to factor in lots of other things - including FICA/Taxes, commute and a few other examples.  Basically, make sure you're comparing apples to apples, and read the article...
  • "U.S. Per Capita Oil Consumption Plummets" - The headline speaks for itself.  However, did you have any idea that oil usage dropped, per capita over the last few months?
  • "How Would Your Life Change if Your Income Doubled?" - Like the author, I wonder how much my life would change.  More money no problems?  Of course, I don't mind finding out, because you can never really know until you walk a mile in twice-as-rich-as-your shoes...
  • "Unpaid Internships?  File Under 'Hypocricy'" - Or, file under "unintended consequences of the minimum wage".  And from an Economics department, no less!

Don't Quit Your Day Job...

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