The DQYDJ Weekender, 1/12/2013

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(Well, we mislabeled our last Weekender - but are you really going to hold that against us?  I hope not!)

Welcome to the 'finally back from vacation' edition of the DQYDJ Weekender!  You'll be happy to know that our dog welcomed us back with a parade, complete with confetti- that he frugally made by tearing up our (faux wood) blinds and used it to decorate our living room!  Thanks for the welcome home (he already said he won't kick in on the replacement cost.)

"I thought you guys were gone forever!" (Final damage: 4 need to be replaced)

"I thought you guys were gone forever!" (Final tally: 4 need to be replaced)

So, hardcore frugal fans, should we leave sheets taped up in our living room or buy blinds?

Links We Liked

  • Free By 50 had a nice piece extending our thoughts on internet shopping.  The parts we implied, he hit out of the park: there are tons of ways the internet has changed your life, and even if it hasn't yet... you're missing out.
  • Control Your Cash asks if you really need that landline.  Well, do you?  If your landline is deactivated and you still get dial tone, odds are you can still call the phone company and 911.  Regardless, E-911 on an ip Phone and location services on your cell are solid technologies.
  • At Afford Anything, Paula is sick of the myth that only rich people invest.  What an absurb formulation (we agree with her wholeheartedly!)  Here's one for you - if you want to be rich, start investing now.  Thanks.
  • Beating Broke knows that the correlation between healthy food and convenience is closer to -1 than 1 - so it's time to audit the Rice-a-Roni in your closet.  Luckily for my pantry, I'm one of those weirdos without grains in his diet - nothing I make is convenient!
  • 101 Centavos had an interesting recipe - namely, how to stuff pork into your fiscal cliff dish.  Next time, try it in the slow cooker.
  • Glen Cooke writing at Timeless Finance had an interesting comparison on the costs of a hand selected batch of items at the US and Canadian versions of Costco.  Although not scientific (and you can probably find 6 items cheaper at Costco...) it does fit the stereotype that many items will be cheaper in the US.  That 'lack of a V.A.T' thing helps our cause, too.
  • OG at the Free Financial Advisor is so sick of 2013 he's already looking forward to 2014.  Well, the tax part, at least.  See his hints for minimizing your own tax bill in 2014.  If you took our 2012 year end tax tips you're sitting on some extra bonuses for that filing season, so combine the ideas!
  • JT at Money Mamba decided that he didn't have the skill to turn Japan's stock market and corporate culture around on his own.  How disappointing!  However, it's true - sometimes culture makes a huge difference in your investments, so you should take note of differences with the system you are most familiar.

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