The DQYDJ Weekender, 1/18/2014

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Go Patriots!

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Links We Liked

  • We didn't like the subject matter and our wishes are with Mr. J Money, but he's got a good message on expecting the unexpected over at Budgets are Sexy.
  • Control Your Cash quotes themselves on health - this time by reminding you that your choice to drink is actually still a choice.  This is true even in America... where we decided a few decades back that eating too much is just genetics.
  • We enjoyed this guest post at Len Penzo's site on working like a politician (from Mitchell at Snarkfinance).
  • Speaking of health, a story about eyes over at Funny About Money seems to have a happy ending.  Your host has pretty horrible eyesight, which means I've got the Retinal Detachment Sword of Damocles hanging over my head as well.
  • I've been following the PoP's garage travails with interest, as I want to do some garage and shed work in 2014 - this engineer enjoys woodworking.  They put a cherry on top of their garage series with some drool inspiring coffee setup details.
  • Hull Financial Planning tsk-tsks the thought that "you can easily just wait" for your 30s to save for retirement.  Don't do it, folks!
  • Hope to Prosper reminds us how lucky we all are.  That includes you.
  • As far as I know, Political Calculations is the only one who still is tracking the effects of the last minimum wage hike on teenage employment.  It's still ugly.

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