The DQYDJ Weekender, 12/14/2013

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The bro-science is strong on both sides of the "does it work?" argument in this article, but I decided that yesterday I would block out some time (read: 9-5:45) to do Charles Poliquin's One Day Arm Cure.  Shocks to lazy, adapted muscles and a bored CNS causing massive fluid retention?  Uncontrollable swelling that lasts for weeks... just long enough for the measuring tape to pick it up?  Or, possibly, that biggest of miracles - sarcoplasmic hypertrophy?  I promise not to hold my breath for the last one.
Maybe it's a waste, but after so many years in the gym, gains are fleeting - so what's the hurt?  Oh - I guess I know the hurt:  here I sit today wondering somewhat whimsically if overworking small muscle groups is enough to cause rhabdomyolisis and cringing every time I extend my arms.  We'll see which side of the broscience table I'll come down on once I can, you know, lift 20 lb objects again.

And with that in mind, who's ready for some football, of the late season and fantasy playoff variety?

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