The DQYDJ Weekender, 1/25/2014

August 22nd, 2020 by 

Another week in the books... and I'm still not used to writing and typing 2014 on things.  Had any luck with that yet?

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Links We Liked!

  • Ironman at Political Calculations does the math on whether one particular form of automation can replace a number of minimum wage workers.  When it comes to grapes, robots might be coming...
  • You went to Harvard?  Prepare to go head to head with a videogamer on your next job interview... and lose.
  • Our friend Paula knows how to illustrate opportunity costs - read her story about saving $3.60.
  • Would you trust finance folks coming to your house and buying dinner?  One man did...
  • Nelson at Financial Uproar shows the world how to passively invest weekly, this time by showing his successful strategy of not exchanging American dollars for... whatever Canada uses for money.  Oh, and it paid off quite a bit.  He also told us to read sites we disagree with - and I'll agree to that.
  • The PoPs also wrote about the popularity of Personal Finance, as demonstrated by their Floridian peer group... thoughts?  Do you all notice this as well?  I'd say I've gotten more questions from people who are interested in their finances recently... but unfortunately, many are related to stock tips (I decline to give those).
  • The Makin' Sense Babe sees the hilarious irony in the IRS's promise to fix their issues with identity theft - because, as you know, the IRS has already cleaned up all of its shad issues and failings.
  • Lazy?  Overweight?  Setting your thermostat to 66 degrees (Farhenheit... as if the number didn't clue you in) might be enough to trick your body into burning more calories without demanding too many more calories.

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