The DQYDJ Weekender, 2/15/2014

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Not much to say recently on these Weekenders - sorry for that.  Got some projects in the works that we'll be announcing either soon or... eventually.  Don't hold your breath and at the same time don't hyperventilate.  They're coming.

Yes, I am looking forward to updating our signature Olympics analyses, why do you ask?  Looks like that indicator is going to look good for the Scandinavian countries, as of today.

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Links We Liked!

  • 101 Centavos destroys the car-buying platitudes with some actually refreshing car-buying advice.  (Look for the joke about amortization!)
  • Have you observed investors acting crazily during market downturns?  Have you?  Apparently, the bear market blues is a thing.  No word at press time on whether the DSM-6 will include the triple Bs.
  • Nelson at Financial Uproar argues that, yes, it is okay to borrow from your parents - with an eye towards what you do with that money (and how you pay it back!).
  • Would you trade your student loans for a portion of your future income?  Now it's not a theoretical question - Upstart is a new site which lets you get money up front for a fixed percentage of your annual income down the line.
  • Political Calculations, a blog which you should be subscribed to, sees signs of slowing in the real estate recovery.  Indeed, it does appear to be more than the lack of summertime school district shoppers.
  • We complained privately to a few members of the financial community that we had an issue with a dearth of value investing ideas.  Greenbackd shared an interesting note: price to earnings ratios of S&P 500 companies have a tighter distribution than at any other point in the last 25 yearsjj.  Remember in 2008 when we were told "In a fall, correlations increase"?  Turns out they can in a rise, as well.
  • Control Your Cash reminds you that day to day movements in the stock market make, roughly, zero difference in the long term trajectory of your portfolio viewed holistically (including certain cherry picked days from 1987).

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