The DQYDJ Weekender, 6/29/2014

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Let's get to the links quickly!

(Really, is there a blog out there that gets fewer comments per visitor?  It's like you want to inflate our ego with page views, but don't want to talk to us.  We don't know what to think about this.  Well, dude, let's go bowling.)

Links We Liked

  • Nelson at Financial Uproar points out a young Warren Buffett would make a bad personal finance blogger because he'd be too critical for many of the folks that claim the title "PF Blogger".  Vacations while in debt?  Student loans on top of student loans?  There wouldn't be much equivocating from Mr. Buffett (remember how we hate the phrase Personal Finance is Personal?).
  • At the Irrelevant Investor, a list of misconceptions about value investing.  Yes, when you put it that way (and really - you should.  It's not always as simple as picking the 'lower P/E'), value investing does seem a bit complicated - which is why we'd say that your first move should be into an index fund, only to switch it up when you've fully figured out the best strategy.
  • At Cashville Skyline, a discussion about whether home warranties are worth it.  From our perspective?  I haven't seen anything compelling - they seem to be uniquely designed to be able to weasel out of paying claims.  Many used car warranties (maybe unique was the wrong word) are the same - your mileage may literally vary on both, so go over anything with a critical eye.  For us, the default case is 'no thanks'.
  • Jason Hull discusses the 4% rule - why is that the rule of thumb when markets return more than 4% on average?  Well, are you comfortable with your feet in the freezer and your head in the oven?
  • Len Penzo won't be paying off his current mortgage early.  Neither will we, for the record - if you've been following lately you've seen that we started tracking inflation again.  2% - still not a huge deal (we'll be watching), but a decent reason to hold onto our 3.25% mortgage for some time.
  • Matt Becker at Mom and Dad Money discusses the power of earning more, and what it can do for your finances.  It's worth the effort - even if you end up with a fun hobby like writing for a site with a hard-to-remember acronym for a title.
  • At Burbed, a discussion about the quoted square footage in Bay Area listings.  Mattresses in garages are great because your dog can sleep in there - but I'm ready for the next step: I've got patio furniture.  Can I count my backyard?
  • Debt Blag covers his own, personal security deposit policy with some solid tips on how to get him to give you your money back.  You know, it's funny - for all the years I rented, the only time I didn't mentally write off some of my security deposit was the two times I rented a room from friends.  And they still talk to me - so there must be no many-year grudges, right?
  • SaveSpendSplurge asks the intrepid group of (mostly!) 20-40 year olds who read Personal Finance blogs whether we care about how good looking we are.  I talked to Cameron about something similar lately (but we have Y chromosomes, so we can't comment directly on MM's article): working out is good and all, but does the fact that adults are working out has to reflect some internal insecurity, right?  It's one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't things... but I suppose for this writer the answer to the question is a 'yes'.
  • Evan at My Journey to Millions discusses American companies 'playing it as it lies' and practicing tax inversions to avoid the peculiarities of the American corporate taxation system.  Really, can you blame them?  If you do, do you also eschew 401ks and IRAs because not everyone uses them?

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