The DQYDJ Weekender 7/27/2013

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Let's call this the RIP JJ Cale Edition:

Links We Liked!

  • Our youngest blogger friend JT will be your boss one day.  Until then, read his piece on company moats.
  • Early voting corruption carried the tagline "vote early and often".  Investing should follow a similar path - The College Investor takes on investing while still in High School!
  • The New York Times had a great feature on income mobility in America. Yes, the infographic makes me jealous - someone want to give me a larger infographic budget than "do it for free?"
  • iHeartBudgets discusses doing work on your own car - forums and Google (and YouTube, which is Google technically) are your friends.  (Side note: I dropped a car on the jack that comes with the car once, and had to be bailed out by a towing company.  Scary!)
  • Control Your Cash shows the debt bloggers how to value a house, and to make a decision they may one day face when their emergency funds have 12 months of cash: should they sell or should they rent?
  • Following up on our article about motivation and incentives this week, after some food in India killed 23 schoolchildren in the state of Bihar the government mandated that teachers taste the food first (!).
  • The Tight Fisted Miser challenges the conventional advice on hitchhiking.  Have you done it?
  • Len Penzo has been shaking up the PF world lately and silencing the deniers with his series on people living on $40,000 salaries or less - and saving money!  This week's entry: Barb in Alberta
  • At Saverocity, a philosophical article on the responsibilities we bloggers and writers owe to our audience.

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