The DQYDJ Weekender, 7/7/2012

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On Politics...

So we've got a nifty new political status indicator to roll out to you next week.  It's actually a bit early to know anything with any decent amounts of certainty about the upcoming elections in the old USA, but I want to have this in place soon.  Oh, expect more political articles when the race heats up.  Make sure to complain loudly in the comments section!

Here's an example of our political writing from last cycle (2010)...  a live blog of the midterms.  Enjoy!(?)

Links to Us!

Links We Liked!

  • Nelson at Financial Uproar re-runs the numbers and finds that our stock picks are, of course, better than his!  He also suggests we become hobos.  I'll think about it!
  • I wasn't the only one writing about gold this week... Financial God goes a step further than me and discusses gold as a store of value.  A great read!
  • Len Penzo shares with the world his issues with the marketing of 5 Gum... and I agree!
  • The Duo at Control Your Cash will buy their Iron Maiden tickets much closer to the Iron Maiden concert date (gasp?).  Are they nuts?
  • Burbed shares a useful checklist about how to tell if the house you're buying is a meth lab!  (According to this list, ours was... haha).
  • At I Am One Percent, a post about there the 1% Family doesn't worry about costs. Folks, if you are optimizing every spending decision, you're taking time away from getting ahead at work!
  • At My Family Finances, a discussion about the average amount spent on various categories in family budgets.  How quaint compared to my California spending... we haven't spent that little on housing for a long time.
  • Political Calculations shares a hilarious (yet real) invention.  Maybe someone should do a giveaway on their site - only after testing it, of course!


As always, catch more of our annoying humor and math at the Two Guys & Your Money Podcast!



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