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I don't know what's worst about the most recent revelations in this summer's NSA saga.  (Thanks to Barton Gellman writing at the Washington Post this time):

  • There were 2,776 rule violations.
  • Those rule violations only covered a one year period.
  • Rule violations don't map 1:1 with people affected (one example?  A single violation involved 3,032 files, each of which contained an undisclosed number of people's records.)
  • The NSA was reporting on itself (read: likely minimizing the number)
  • 'Incidental' violations are not reported (!)

Links We Liked!

  • One man who actually has the courage of his convictions?  Nelson Smith, writer at Financial Uproar- who wrote an article about his house price being too high... and sold it!
  • Len Penzo continues his "Living on $40,000" series (an amazing series) with Jonathan in Ohio.
  • Ironman at Political Calculations has the dirt on the electric-car promises of the current administration.  Unfortunately for the President, we're tracking far below the rosy predictions.
  • Control Your Cash somehow posts a personal finance story about a bank's "generous" offer.  You know, if you can't look up the competition on the internet (we'll have one like this soon!).'
  • Our friend Pauline at Reach Financial Independence broke all the rules of Personal Finance - and used low cost debt to leverage an expansion of her personal empire.  Bravo.
  • You know how an economist wouldn't stop to pick up a $20 bill because "if it existed someone would have picked it up already?".  The Money Beagle was the guy who picked it up.
  • The PoPs now have a second generation of writers at their site - and I can't even get my parents to read sometimes.  Congrats!

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