The DQYDJ Weekender, 9/21/2013

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I'll be busy this week, but if you can stand a return email a few days late I'm still offering some programming freelancing.  Let me know!

On a somewhat related note, for everyone that cares about data as much as me, check out New-To-Me Quandl.  An API aggregator, Quandl is going to amp up my calculator creation.  (Yes, they're now in my blogroll!)

Links We Liked

  • Because she relinked it and it's even more true today, go read Mochimac's "Want to know why I don’t read 95% of PF blogs and posts out there? Because it’s a waste of my time."  Amazing.
  • Canada won the last week!  Robb at Boomer and Echo echoed our sentiments about how to act (or how much to pay) when your children are interested in less lucrative subjects in college.  A must read.
  • The most prolific blogger of the last week was our friend Jason Hull (see: Thursday's post).  Here he is, posting at Control Your Cash on landlording.
  • Lots of articles abound on the research about poverty affecting IQ.  Here's the LA Times's take.  I'm not convinced.
  • Into charts?  The College Investor has got you covered!  (It's an options joke.  Okay fine, go for the stock charts too.)
  • I'm late, but better late than never - Free By 50 shared a great resource for mapping the job market.
  • At Political Calculators, an epic tool to calculate if it is worth buying into the PPACA ("Obamacare") exchanges, or if it is better to pay the penalty.  CA's cheapest Silver PPO (far as I can tell, closest to my current HSA plan) plus maximum out of pocket costs are way (more than twice!) more expensive than through my work.  I won't be quitting my day job.
  • Interesting post on annuities in Chile at My Journey to Millions.  Go see my take (with plenty of American stereotype talk)!

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