The DQYDJ Weekender (Week of 6/18/12)

August 22nd, 2020 by 

Remember how a few months back I promised you folks I would post up a bunch of articles on home renovation and do it yourself sort of projects?  Yeah, well - I'm running out of rooms (just two left).  I've been documenting my progress, so I'm probably just going to dump a load of articles on you guys all in a short period of time - be ready for it!  (And you can see some more interior pictures of our house.  Architecturally I would describe it as half Mid Century Modern and half 'California' Contemporary.)

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Articles We Liked!

  • Our good pal JT at Money Mamba continues to harp about airlines.  Click through to this article on Capital Goods purchases!
  • Most of you have sneaking suspicions that DQYDJ is a corporate planted website containing numerous subliminal messages that you should stay at your large corporation.  If that's the case, why would I link this Len Penzo article about not working for the 'man'?
  • We've been reading Bret's site Hope to Prosper for a while now.  If you aren't, read this article on the middle class then subscribe.
  • Nelson (Word)Smith the outgoing introverted blogger at Financial Uproar looks at the dearth of originality in the Personal Finance niche of the internet and wonders if we've (the royal 'we') have run out of things to say.  All I've got to say is "I love emergency funds!".
  • John at My Family Finances overanalyzes (and we like it!) the cost to cook on a grill and in a house this summer.  Here at DQYDJ HQ we've got a 5 ton A/C and pay 34 cents a kWh at the margins.  Yet propane tanks are $50 and ~$22 a refill.  The message?  It's expensive to do anything in California!
  • Control Your Cash has a nice article on sports betting, and a tremendous picture of Pete Rose close-to-naked for the ladies.  I still remember the time I was just wandering through Vegas and saw Pete Rose sitting at his little autograph signing table for the first time - sort of blew my mind, since I didn't expect it.  And no, I didn't pay for an autograph....

Political Articles!

I hope you are all amped to get a few political articles on DQYDJ again.  Please bring your most offensive tone and your best arguments (well, if it doesn't add to the discussion, I'll delete it.  Relevant mudslinging?  That stays!).

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