Carnivals and Links, Week of 8/8/2011

August 22nd, 2020 by 

DQYDJ: surprising our readers with yet another week where we submit articles to a carnival!  Maybe we'll keep it going this time.


Site Updates
  • We feel this is a good time to point this out: there were a few updates over the weekend.  Due to the popularity of our interactive features, we have made a separate page for Calculators and Visualizations.  We also highlighted our Economic Concepts with another page - which happen to be our top search engine entries.
  • We've also updated our comment engine to Disqus, allowing nerdy features like live updating, threaded comments, and other great social features.  Maybe we'll increase our commenting average from .7 an article?
  • Expect more subtle and potentially larger updates to roll out over the next weeks.
Featured Links
  • "Social Media and Worker's Comp" - If you are committing worker's comp fraud, don't brag about it on Facebook!
  • "Lloyd's Could Lose $15 Million from Tour Cancellation" - Interesting stuff.  How much does it add to the insurance premium for a band's tours when they add the potential for alcohol or drugs causing show cancellation to their policy?
  • "Athletes are Not Overpaid.  Get Over It." - We loved this article.  We might be biased.  Read it and find out.
  • "The Stock Market Noise Event of 2011" - we featured it in our most recent article, but here's an article to calm your investing nerves.
  • "A Downgrade Awakening" - We loved the quote that starts this article: "During yesterday's market meltdown, an old friend shot us an email: 'The Obama adm needs to stop trying to disarm the fire alarm and start trying to put the fire out.' "  Yesterday we took something out of the oven without using the vent fan on and did something similar.


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