Carnivals and Links, Week of August 24

August 22nd, 2020 by 

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Be enlightened like us... read these articles.

  • "The Cost of that Puppy in the Window" - A ridiculously detailed look at the true costs of dog ownership over the life of Spike.  Usually this sort of analysis is reserved for "The Cost of Children" type articles, but this is a refreshing break.
  • "Emotions and Investing: 4 Tips to Keep Emotions Out of Investing" - Good tips from the Financial Highway.  However, when it comes to number 3 (if you are truly unemotional) keeping a close eye may not automatically drive you to irrationality.  It's definitely a case by case thing.
  • "The Infomercial Copycat Method of Debt Reduction" - a refreshing angle on psychological aspects of paying down debt.  Simon shows you what an infomercial of paying down your debt might look like.  Go check it out, it's got great graphics!
  • "Don't Ban but Expand Them" - a look at non traditional banks like those run by non-financial companies, and recent legislation targeting them.  A great read!
  • "Will Social Security Be Around When You Retire?" - The salient point?  Probably in a different form.  Note the numbers to take home: more benefits paid out than taxes received in 2017, and bust in 2041.  Of course, Social Security is basically untouchable, a 'political third rail' so to say.  Expect a last second patch sometime between now and 2041 (Especially if you'll be working in 2041!).




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