Have You Ever Been Dropped By a Company?

June 11th, 2012 by 

Websites spend lots of time discussing and reviewing the best companies to enter into contracts with. Companies which don't want to do business with us... that's a rarer piece of content. So let me ask: have you ever been dropped by an insurance company?

Dropped By An Insurance Company for my Dog

I'd been a customer of Progressive Insurance since 2008 when an unfortunate incident drove up my car insurance premium at my old company.

I used to be a very happy Progressive customer. A few times people broke into my soft top convertible, and Progressive was always quick and businesslike with claims. I had a very good experience with Progressive on the automotive side.

Dropped by an insurance company over a American Staffordshire Terrier with giant tennis ball
He's why I was dropped by an insurance company. He's literally only a danger to squirrels.

When we bought our home,  I didn't bother to shop around for home insurance. I used the discount provided by doubling up on Progressive policies and went with Progressive Home Advantage on that front - underwritten by a partner firm, Homesite.

I had no qualms at all with that process - they stacked discounts for us being loyal customers, some of our home features (and the neighborhood) and other nice touches.

So, what blew up this seemingly dreamy relationship?  Look to your right and you'll see - that's our dog, an American Staffordshire Terrier.

Pit Bulls and Urban Legends

So... you've probably heard that a "Pit Bull" is a type of dog.

Descending from English Bulldogs and Terriers, Pit Bulls include:

  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • American Bulldog
  • Boxer
  • American Pit Bull Terrier

They are 'cousins' with breeds known as the Bully Breeds. Bullies include Boston Terriers, Bullmastiffs, and Bull Terriers (the Target Dog) among others.

Anyway, apparently many home insurance companies have a discrimination clause against members of the Bully Breeds and a number of other dogs. (A list which usually includes even the German Shepard.)

Long story short: when Progressive found out I had one of these supposedly dangerous animals in my house? I was suddenly un-insurable, from their perspective. 

Mind you - this is for a dog without any history of aggression, and at most only half Pit Bull. (Look at him - he's definitely got some hound in his ears).

Long story short, I'm now with Farmers, and now you know why I switched (and yes, thanks for asking: it is cheape overall, and the transition was great).

Has an Insurance Company Ever Dropped You?

I'm not one to dictate to a company what it's policy should be, but let's be serious - the majority of any of these breeds are gentle unless provoked... assuming they have the right owners.

A bad dog is often the symptom of either trauma or a bad master - but assuming a dog is bad because of its breed? That's just nonsense.

I understand the argument that an aggressive large dog is more dangerous if it actually does get mad. Of course, there are many aggressive smaller breeds. I guess it's cuter when a chihuahua bites your kids (one daughter's experienced it on consecutive occasions)?

I digress; I've switched companies - that's the moral of the story.

So - tell me, have you ever been dropped by an insurance company... especially for something (in your opinion!) that was completely arbitrary?



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