I'm Back! Links for the Week of January 4th

January 6th, 2010 by 

Happy New Year!  I'm back and in posting form.  However, I don't have a post...  here's some other posts to tide you over until I spring one on you.

  • "Your Paycheck in 2010" - From what is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites, Political Calculations, comes this gems.  There is a 'hitch' in the income tax rates this year which causes tax rates to regress between (single filer numbers) salaries of $67,700 and $84,450.  Ironman goes on to discover who this may help - a higher proportion of federal employees than private sector employees.  Of course, this fits well with the estimated expansion of these workers in 2010!  Go read it!
  • "Uncertainty and the Slow Recovery" - newsflash, attempting to reform the economy's fundamentals during a major recession is a bad thing.  Smoothing the path to growth and reducing uncertainty is the way to go.
  • "Energy-Efficient Tax Credits Could Be Your Personal Government-Bailout Package" - is it's available and you can use it, do it!  A good article to get some ideas.
  • "The Investment Known as Dating" - guest post from Michael at Dough Roller on Budgets are Sexy, this is a funny little post on the costs of dating.  Perhaps is can inspire you to budget for your dating life as well?
  • "What Can Investors Learn From a Dreary Decade?" - Lower your expectations!


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