Litecoin Return Calculator: Analyze a Litecoin Investment

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Below is a Litecoin Return Calculator. Use the inputs to estimate the return on a Litecoin investment over a specified period. You can also adjust for inflation (using US CPI-U), and visualize the gain or loss of an investment over time.

Litecoin Return Calculator

Using the Litecoin Investment Calculator

To use the tool to calculate a Litecoin investment return, follow these steps:

  • Investment ($): Enter the amount of money invested in Litecoin.
  • Starting Date: Enter the date when the investment was made.
  • Ending Date: Enter the date when you want to calculate the return.
  • Adjust for Inflation? (CPI): Check this box if you want to adjust the return for inflation (using CPI-U).

Next, click the blue Calculate button to compute the return. You can also click the gray Graph button to visualize the performance of the investment over your specified time.

  • Total Return (%): The overall percentage return on the investment.
  • Annualized Return (%): The annualized percentage return on the investment.
  • Ending Value ($): The value of the investment at the end date.
  • CPI Adjusted?: Indicates whether the return is adjusted for inflation.
Screenshot of the Litecoin Return Calculator
A solid 10 year run in Litecoin

Special features

This Litecoin Return Calculator offers several special features:

  • Adjust for Inflation: Optionally adjust returns for inflation using the CPI-U.
  • Total and Annualized Return: Computes both the total and annualized return on an investment.
  • Graph Performance: Optionally graph the growth or drawdown of the investment over time.
  • Hover for Value: Hover over the graph to see the value of the investment on any given day. Hovering also reveals gain or loss to that point.

Methodology and data sources

The Litecoin Return Calculator uses daily closing prices for Litecoin from CoinGecko as well as historical Litecoin return data from CryptoCompare. CPI-U is sourced from FRED. Please note that the calculator uses end-of-day prices, and intraday price movements are not reflected in the calculations.

Next, convert Litecoins to dollars with historical data, or the opposite (dollars to Litecoins). On the investment side, I build a Daily Moving Average tool for LTC, and a Litecoin Drawdown Calculator.


While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, the results from this calculator are for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Always conduct your own research and consult with a financial advisor before making investment decisions.

We hope this tool helps you make informed decisions about Litecoin investments. For more financial tools, check out our Investing category page.

Additionally, you might find our Stock Return Calculator and Inflation Calculator useful for other financial analysis.



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