Platinum Investment Return Calculator (Inflation Adjusted)

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On this page we present an automatically updating platinum return calculator. Enter any dates since January 31, 1980, and we will compute the annualized and total returns on a platinum investment. Optionally, adjust returns automatically for inflation (CPI).

Platinum prices are updated once a quarter, and resolution is one month. The tool will automatically snap to the best dates for your inputs.

An Inflation Adjusted Platinum Return Calculator

Sources and Credits for the Platinum Return Calculator

Platinum as an Investment

Platinum was first labeled as a precious metal in the 1700s, giving it a fair amount of time to be considered as investment quality - although it has nowhere near the storied history of silver and gold. Hopefully this data helps you make sense of the platinum market... or maybe it allows you to grasp a bit of the market before you invest in a certain expensive type of jewelry.

We, however, give no advice to the suitability of platinum in a portfolio - please consult an advisor to discuss if platinum is an appropriate option.

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