The DQYDJ Weekender, 1/28/2023

January 29th, 2023 by 

Hey folks!

I'm still here, don't worry. Yes, it's been a while since I addressed you directly (by my math, it's been since... January of last year). But everything's great over here.

By way of a reason – not an excuse – last year, we moved from California to New Hampshire, and the new house has been occupying much of my mental and physical energy. And even though I expect that to continue well into this year, it's been fun.

Fall is pretty stunning here

We're settling in well, and the girls are in school over here. And yes, I'm still working (for Twilio), so there's no need to make any jokes about the name of this site.

So that's my life update for those of you that have been asking (and I appreciate it!). 

Annual Site Updates

I've mostly updated the annual post in the income category, though I still have to bring the salary posts forward. This year, roughly around September, you should also see the SCF/Net Worth post updates. (Every three years I get to update both the income and net worth posts at the same time – it's like speedy cicadas.)

There are a few other history posts I'll be bringing forward in the next couple months, to catch up (finally) to last year.

New Content?

Yes! I've got some new content in the works... and I'll release it as time allows. Expect some new tools you've been asking for on the indices side (including one on the S&P 500, which requires... quite a bit of data gathering. You'll see.) I'm also looking at enhancing some of the old standards, and I'll also send those to the email list if I do.

Other than that, look for more stats posts and calculators. I'll see what I can do about incorporating a few more surveys & datasets into the mix.

How about compounders?

long time back, I promised I'd attempt a 'Compounder' series/periodic update. I still will do it, I just didn't want to think about it for a bit, ha. But hey – GARPy/Compounder stocks are often down 20-40%, so it's worked out so far!

That's what's new

So that's what's new in my world. Thank you so much for being a reader, and please keep sending in those post ideas – when the home projects slow down, I'd love to crank out a bunch of your wishlist!

He likes the cold better


PK started DQYDJ in 2009 to research and discuss finance and investing and help answer financial questions. He's expanded DQYDJ to build visualizations, calculators, and interactive tools.

PK lives in New Hampshire with his wife, kids, and dog.

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