The DQYDJ Weekender (Week of 11/28/11)

December 3rd, 2011 by 

One more week, one more Weekender!

Back for more?  We don't blame you.  We enjoy writing it, so please keep reading it!

First up, let's highlight some social stats:

We've got 122 followers on Twitter.  You... yes YOU can be the 123rd.  Good luck.
We've got 32 'likes' on Facebook.  We started this one after Twitter, but make sure you join the wave sweeping Facebook!

Second up, we got a nice review from Tom Hynes at PR News Wire (Tom blogs about blogging, so he is a metablogger!).  There is no quicker way to the cold heart of three numbers-obsessed madmen then to write a glowing review about us.  Actually, you could write a scathing review too - we know all press is good press (Seriously, we love negative reactions.  Passion is good.)!  Still, we're glad you picked the former...

Now a little blog-wide introspection, inspired by Tom's second review (or round-up):

The phrase "Don't Quit Your Day Job" is apostasy for many in the Personal Finance realm.  Here's how we see it: if you love your current job, there is no need to quit it, EVEN if you run a web site on the side.  Obviously, the site name is just as sarcastic as your three favorite columnists - we hope your reaction to most of our stuff is to tell us to not quit our day jobs.

And isn't that the point?  If we continue our day jobs we won't feel the need to shape our blog a certain way... and what will be will be (who knows what DQYDJ evolves into?)!    Weigh in with what you think by agreeing or (more importantly) DISagreeing in our comments section.  And check out Tom @ PR News Wire and see some of the other blog reviews he's done!

Carnivals and Featured Links

Who linked to us this week?  A short list of the other sites that like us!

Look, there are tons of good posts every week.  Go check out the carnivals I just linked!

Stuff We Liked

The Last Laugh (I mean Comment)

It's December.  Don't hate - we're going to drop an article from the weekly rotation.  Even stats-obsessed geeks like us have other responsibilities.  Most likely you'll get the Weekender and two other solid posts a week. We reserve the right to accelerate to 3 content posts a week again in January!

Don't like it?  Don't know what to tell you... remember, we've all got Day Jobs.

Don't Quit Your Day Job...

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