How Many People Were Born in their Current State (By Age)?

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Where were people in your state born?

Below is a calculator which allows you to input an age range and select a state. It will tell you where people were born that live there now, and the percentage of natives to the state.

It also delivers demographic results broken down by country and state of origin.

State Birth Location and Origin Calculator for the United States

How Many of Each State's Residents Were Born There?

This calculator was inspired by an excellent demographic feature from the New York Times's The Upshot blog.

Entitled Where We Came From, that piece broke down exactly where members of all the states were originally born. That of course might be the same state, other states, or overseas.

Which states did people live in before?

That article piqued our interest, so we extended it to account for age ranges. You can select any range of interest and we'll tell you where residents of that age originally were born and living.


Sample: 2012 American Community Survey

Variables: Person Weight, Birthplace (Detailed), State ICP Number, Age

To Reproduce: In R: Sum weights per state for total weights, export to CSV.  Split data tables in for unique State, Age, Birthplace, and export to CSV.  Divide unique weights into total weights for selected, update the page (as quickly as we can...).

Sources on Current State Data

Census Bureau data compiled by the University of Minnesota's IPUMS-USA project (2012 American Community Survey)

Steven Ruggles, J. Trent Alexander, Katie Genadek, Ronald Goeken, Matthew B. Schroeder, and Matthew Sobek. Integrated Public Use Microdata Series: Version 5.0 [Machine-readable database]. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, 2010.



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