Wilshire REIT Index Total Return Calculator

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Below is a Wilshire REIT return calculator. It estimates returns on money invested in the Wilshire REIT Index, an index comprised of American Real Estate Investment Trusts. It approximates the returns of most large commercial and industrial property REITs.

Wilshire REIT Index Return Calculator

The Wilshire REIT Index

As Wilshire puts it, the Wilshire REIT Index is "[d]esigned to offer a market-based index that is more reflective of real estate held by pension funds". It covers an impressive range of large REITs in the United States.

The Wilshire REIT Index avoids most residential, timber, and real estate broker REITs. It's more of a pure play on commercial and industrial real estate and removes some interest rate risk inherent in other REIT types.

It's an excellent proxy for the health of large REITs - or high end real estate in the US. Our calculator gives a reasonable reinvested return estimate on the index, sans taxes, fees, slippage, and other incidentals.

Methodology for the Wilshire REIT Return Calculator

Results are for educational and research purposes, and we can't guarantee their accuracy. (Even ignoring taxes, fees, slippage and other incidentals.)

The Wilshire REIT Index is copyright Wilshire, and provided via the St. Louis Fed's FRED API.  For accurate data, please check what Wilshire can provide.

We included an inflation component in returns. It extrapolates/interpolates daily inflation numbers by adjusting CPI. That methodology can be found on the page of the original daily inflation calculator.

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