2014 NASDAQ Return

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You've probably already seen other financial websites reporting the correct-yet-incomplete number of 13.85% for the 2014 NASDAQ return.  You come to Don't Quit Your Day Job... for the real number, though, of course - which we are happy to report that, dividends reinvested, the NASDAQ returned 15.18% to investors in 2014.

The 2014 NASDAQ Return with Dividends Reinvested

2014 NASDAQ Return: Total vs Index, From Google Finance

2014 NASDAQ Return: Total vs Index, From Google Finance

01/01/2014 Open12/31/2014 CloseAnnual Return
Nasdaq Total Return4563.585256.5515.18%
Nasdaq Index4160.034736.0513.85%

Even though the NASDAQ, composed as it still is mainly of technology firms, is typically dividend-stingy... dividend reinvestment still contributes a fair amount to the investor's bottom line (see our individual stock reinvestment calculator here).  Even then, this isn't the exact return of an investor - allow some variance for fees, tax implications, and purchase timings (this is a theoretical maximum).  Regardless, it's the proper number to use when comparing returns to other indices, especially something like the Dow Jones Industrial Average... which is composed of mature companies paying higher dividends.

NASDAQ returns in other years:

You're convinced anyway that this is the right way to do it - so answer us this:

How will the NASDAQ perform in 2015?

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