2023 NASDAQ Return

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The NASDAQ returned 42.13% in 2023. Using a better calculation, which includes dividend reinvestment, the NASDAQ returned 43.31%.

The 2023 NASDAQ Return: what a difference a year makes

These returns assumed you bought the NASDAQ index at the open on January 3rd, 2023 and sold at close on December 29, 2023. If you prefer a 'full year' of history and instead bought the close on December 30, 2022, those numbers are 43.42% and 44.64%, respectively.

2023 NASDAQ Index Price Return

Price Based On2023 BeginDec 29 CloseReturn
Jan 3 Open10,562.0615,011.3542.13%
Dec 30 Close10,466.4815,011.3543.42%

NASDAQ Reinvested Dividend Return in 2023

Price Based On2023 BeginDec 29 CloseReturn
Jan 3 Open12,705.3018,208.5043.31%
Dec 30 Close12,588.9518,208.5044.64%

The timing doesn't matter much - and, let's be serious: it's impossible to buy the exact open and close price (not to mention index tracking errors, fees, slippage, and other factors that would throw you off). But, interestingly, you can see that factoring in dividends matters. That's right, even for a technology-heavy index which tends to shun dividends to reinvest in growth, dividends made a material difference.

And, wow, what a return in 2023!

Source on the 2023 NASDAQ Return Calculations

NASDAQ Indexes (appropriately!) owns the NASDAQ. At their site, you'll find the index level and total return data. Find NASDAQ total return data here or on investing.com.

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