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On this page is a American Depositary Receipt return calculator which automatically models reinvested dividends. Enter starting investment and dates to estimate the growth of an investment into an ADR. Also, model periodic investments by year, month, week, or day.

There are over 350 American Depositary Receipt in our database, updated per ticker in the last 7 trading days (see methodology below).

American Depositary Receipt Total Return Calculator with Periodic Investment

How To Use the ADR Return Calculator

To begin, enter at minimum an American Depositary Receipt ticker. As you type, it will auto-complete active ADRs in the DQYDJ database.

American Depositary Receipt return calculator investment entry.
American Depositary Receipt return calculator entry options

Basic American Depositary Receipt Details and Inputs

  • ADR Ticker: Enter IEX valid, active ADR ticker
  • Starting Amount ($): The initial investment amount in the ADR
  • Starting Date: Enter when the investment was initiated °
  • Ending Date: Enter when the investment was sold °

° Depending on the ADR data (see below), we move the start and end date. Check post-calculation.

Advanced Dividend and Periodic Investment Options

Model options for estimating periodic investments and dividend events.
Advanced options concentrating on ADR dividends and periodic investments

Click the 'Toggle Advanced' button as shown and we'll open the advanced ADR investment panel.

  • Show Events: This will list dividend events for the ADR and also optionally include any periodic investment information.
  • Periodic Investments: This will model periodic investments in an American Depositary Receipt.
  • "Monthly": Select a timeframe in the menu if you want to model periodic investments.
  • Regular Amount: For the selected period the amount to model as a recurring investment.

ADR Model Result Interpretation

  • Final Value ($): The value of the ADR investment on the 'Ending Date'. (Note again we may change that date depending on our data.)
  • Annual Return: Our estimate of the annual percentage return by the investment, including periodic investments. (Also try our compound annual growth calculator)
  • Graph: The value of the CEF investment over time. On a desktop or laptop, you can hover over a point to see the investment value on any day.
ADR investment Calculator model of an investment in BABA, the Alibaba Group.
ADR Return Calculator result for BABA

How does the ADR investment model work?

In DQYDJ's database we have 350+ ADR tickers with open, high, low, and closing prices. For many ADRs, we have 15+ years of data in the database.

Your intial sum – and any recurring investments or dividend reinvestments – go in at the open price on a day. Any sales happen on the closing price for the day. The final sale is at the day's closing price.

On the backend, we maintain a database of all 500+ ADR tickers with open, high, low, and closing prices. For funds which have been around that long, we have at least 15 years of data. (Some have longer.)

What is an American Depositary Receipt?

American Depositary Receipts or ADRs are certificates issued by U.S. bank which represent one or more shares in a foreign company's stock. ADRs have a fixed exchange ratio with the issuing company's home country shares, and can either be listed on an exchange or be traded over the counter (OTC).

If you're interested in investing in ADRs, listed ADRs trade and settle in the same way as stock. They're a level of abstraction that frees you from dealing with foreign exchange issues, taxation complexities, and securities law compliance in the company's home country.

ADRs do not perfectly match the returns on shares in the company's headquarter country. This calculator will estimate returns on ADRs but not on the shares they represent.

Source and Methodology for the American Depositary Receipt Total Return Calculator

The ADR return calculator shares a framework with the stock return calculator and the others. The dividend data should be close to accurate, although we can't guarantee any data. (Read that again, we can't guarantee the prices or dividend data although we strive for accurate data).

The IEX Cloud API is how we retrieve price and dividend data. IEX isn't free.

Since this is a paid service we have (very mild) limits in place:

  • ADR data can be up to 7 trading days old.
    • Check the tool ending date after a scenario, we adjust your scenario to the last updated date.
  • Splits are manual
    • I (PK) have to do splits manually, for now. Please be patient, there are a lot of moving parts.
  • Rectifying Price and Dividend Differences is tough
    • The tool sends me emails when the dividend or price differs between our DB and the API.
  • There are rate limits in place (they apply to the stock, ETF, and CEF calculator in aggregate):
    • Max 50 calculations per day
    • Max 10 calculations per minute

Limitations and Disclaimers

The American Depositary Receipt total return calculator is idealized. It's based on exact closing and opening prices – no real investor matches the results perfectly.

The tool is for informational purposes only. There is absolutely no warranty on results.

Verify any information you receive from the ADR return calculator independently in your own research. Security price is not the only factor in investment returns.

Here's a short list of ignore factors:

  • Taxes
  • Dividend timing
  • Portfolio management fees
  • Slippage
  • A zillion things

We also can't rule out the dividend and price data being wrong, or out of date (in the case of backdating splits). Always check the math.

How to Help with the ADR Total Return Calculator

Let us know if you find a bug. Also tell us the ticker that broke please.

The bar is very high for enhancements. We only make money on this tool through ads. For big requests, make a contracting inquiry.

This tool's information is for informational and research purposes only. We can't help you in a legal capacity. We can only help you with research inquiries.

This data is only a useful starting point for legal research. Find a "forensic accountant" if you have legal needs.

American Depositary Receipts, Dividends, Distributions, and Total Returns

We've now created four return calculators using the IEX API. Here's the other three:

Hopefully you're finding them useful!

As with the others, remember: dividends matter. The return quotes you see on many sites are incomplete; even if you don't reinvest the dividends you receive from investing they're worth something.

Want to to compare your results from the ADR return tool to other benchmarks? Here's some suggested calculators:

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Enjoy the ADR total return calculator, and tell your friends!



PK started DQYDJ in 2009 to research and discuss finance and investing and help answer financial questions. He's expanded DQYDJ to build visualizations, calculators, and interactive tools.

PK is in his mid-30s and works and lives in the Bay Area with his wife, two kids, and dog.

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