A Calculator: Income Distribution by Age for 2014 in the United States

November 2nd, 2020 by 

Editor: this is an archived year.  You can always find the newest income percentile by age calculator here.

In this article, we present 2014 United States data in a calculator to show income brackets for every age from 18-80, and age 85.

It is from the Current Population Survey, in the Annual Social and Economic Supplement, which is conducted in March - so this data was collected in March of 2014 for annual income data between January and December of 2013.  It includes all sources of income - so if you are comparing an income to the numbers, include all forms of income - bonuses, dividends, interest, rental income, transfer payments, business income, and most everything else.  You can see the list here.  The population in this sample includes all people who responded they worked at least one hour per week.

We also have a calculator which can give you net worth by age.  For the 2013 version of this calculator (for 2012 income data broken into centiles by age), please click here.  For the 2015 version (2014 income data) click here.


We downloaded the CPS microdata from the University of Minnesota’s Minnesota Population Center’s IPUMS-CPS site.

Miriam King, Steven Ruggles, J. Trent Alexander, Sarah Flood, Katie Genadek, Matthew B. Schroeder, Brandon Trampe, and Rebecca Vick. Integrated Public Use Microdata Series, Current Population Survey: Version 3.0. [Machine-readable database]. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, 2010.

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