The DQYDJ Weekender, 1/16/2013

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Welcome to the first Weekender of the New Year from your favorite web site.  I know you've been itching for this one.  We held off on the one last week since we were on the East Coast, but we're doing this one even though we're still here (through Tuesday).

DID YOU KNOW?  We have a voice?  And we lend it to the Two Guys and Your Money Podcast weekly on The Free Financial Advisor?  Definitely check out the edition coming Monday the 7th - it's one of the best we've done, hands down.  Go subscribe to that, by the way.

Links We Liked

  • Nelson at Financial Uproar kicked off his 2013 Stock Picking Contest.  Is it notable?  Uh - 11 of 13 participants beat the S&P 500 last year.  You tell me?  (I'm bitter about being in the middle of the pack.  Never again!)
  • Unlike our pal Len at Len Penzo (dot com!) we know what a Zara is.  Regardless, Len runs the numbers on Amancio Ortega's billions - and they are staggering.  In other news, why stop at a billion?  You can be a 100 Trillionaire (in Zimbabwe) for $4.99!
  • Our friend Andrea at So Over This had a great piece on taking control of your own thoughts (and responsibility for your own past mistakes) when it comes to finances.  She also has a great order of operations flowchart which may or may not include the McRib.
  • Jeff Rose of Jeff Rose Financial is back with another movement in the PF realm.  After successful Roth IRA and Life Insurance drives, his goal is for a collective $10,000,000 in debt paid off quickly in 2013.  Check out the Debt Movement.
  • At Money Smart guides, sensible advice on breaking down goals, especially new years resolutions.  While I wouldn't suggest males aim to lose 1/2 lb a day or females 1/4 (water weight will drive you insane), it does make sense to compartmentalize.  In 2012, Cameron and I set quarterly goals for this here web site - and hit them all.  Maybe we'll aim higher this year, while still breaking them down?
  • Jordann at Making Sense of Cents talked about actually sticking with an exercise program - since the gyms will be clear again March 1st.  Now, I ran a grand total of 0 miles (unless you count chasing/playing with the dog or running during basketball), but here's my promise to you: 2 - 4 times working out weekly.  I didn't quite hit it in 2012 (long story, don't send sympathy.  I probably worked out 40 weeks regardless.) but 2013 is feeling good.

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