The DQYDJ Weekender, 3/18/2017

August 22nd, 2020 by 

Haven't done a Weekender for a while, have I?  Sorry about that - a comedy of errors over here at home base plus the young one have made it difficult.

But c'mon, you know we're not going anywhere.  We kept posting the normal weekly content, didn't we?

Also, a PSA: I'm currently in 5th place in a 230+ sized March Madness pool (variously tied for first yesterday!).  I'm just marking the occasion - it's all downhill from here, ha.

Links We Liked!

  • JP at The Money Habit has some interesting rules of thumb on when to switch focus on your investing strategy.  Read her 2x Income rule - and also read what happens when your savings are 6x-7x your income.
  • Ron Lieber of The New York Times wonders who the middle class is - and who deserves a tax break.  He also gets some bonus points for the link to my favorite web site.
  • In the 'steal these ideas!' category, J$ shares 6 money saving or accumulating ideas worth emulating.
  • Sherry at Save. Spend. Splurge. does a deep dive on snobbery, and explores what it means to be a snob
  • And continuing the theme, there was an interesting post on Picky Pinchers about humility.
  • ...And further, an article in Duke Today rounding up a new study on intellectual humility.  (Fitting nicely with Dunning-Kruger, of course)
  • RealClearScience ranked some online sites for how evidence based they are... and how compelling.  I won't spoil their rankings - check out their results.
  • Nelson at Financial Uproar shares the worst financial advice he has ever received.
  • Bike-sharing company Spin does some digging and compares some public bike share programs - including San Francisco's, which doesn't stack up well with some of the others.
  • Ben Carlson at A Wealth of Common Sense shares some lessons he wished had been taught in college - since most of you are out of college, go through the list.  (If you're in college?  Go through it since you'll actually hit the deadline then!)
  • Very interesting story in Bold from Cindy Wu of (née Microryza) on her experience with Y Combinator.


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