The DQYDJ Weekender & Yearly Roundup, 12/31/2017

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A Weekender... what?

Well, it is the last weekend day of the year. That means you're in for a treat: a recap of some of the best DQYDJ posts of this year. Perfect for some early morning 2018 reading once this hits your mailbox!

The Best DQYDJ Posts this Year

  • United States Income Brackets in 2016
    We love posting our deep dives into ASEC data for income articles, but the most popular posts are the summaries. This post shows a snapshot of income percentiles for full-year 2016 income and a comparison with 2015.Do you want to go deeper? Start with the income percentile by age calculator.
  • United States Net Worth Brackets in 2016
    I hope you really value our net worth posts (we value writing them!) - the Federal Reserve SCF only comes around every third year. We were able to create a number of net worth posts for the first time since the 2013 survey data, and this one summarizes the data by percentile.Like the above, you can also see net worth percentiles by age - but thin data means we have to group the ages. Enjoy either way!
  • Should You Include Your Home in Your Net Worth?
    We broke Betteridge's Law of Headlines with this one - the answer is yes, of course. This is one of the most common questions we receive by email and there is some nuance when it comes to what you're calculating your net worth to do. However... yes, it counts.
  • How Many Developers Are There in America?
    It's a pretty self-explanatory headline, but as you can imagine - it's a controversial question. We took our own cut at answering it, and spun out our answer into multiple categories.Personally, I've worked on things from HTML and CSS editing to standard web development (front and backend) to desktop development to CAD tool development to hardware. My day job is currently closest to web development.
  • Check Services Sometimes are the Best Option
    An excellent post by our co-writer arguing that sometimes the "frowned-upon" option is the correct option for certain people. A fairly large number of the US population is under-banked and check services and options serve an important niche.
  • Who Are the One Percent?
    Above, I mentioned that we get lots of questions on what to include in net worth. Well, we get an order of magnitude more questions about the 'one percent'. This post won't be a shock if you read the first two, but hey - summaries matter.
  • The Dunning-Kruger Effect
    Cameron wrote an authoritative take on the Dunning-Kruger effect. If you haven't yet heard about it, you're in for a delicious chuckle at the irony of that title.
  • Round-Number Bias
    We wrote about a number of cognitive biases in 2017, and round number bias is one of my favorites... so enjoy my writing on it. Yes, all of those financial news reports which call out indices hitting new milestones matter.
  • Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon
    How did the name of an obscure German gang come to describe one of the most peculiar cognitive biases? Oh, I'll tell you - and after you read about it you'll probably see it a few more times. Tell me if you like the piece's title, won't you?

Reflecting on 2017

It was a great year for DQYDJ.

We may have slacked off on these Weekenders, but we're pretty excited to have cleared 3,000,000 pageviews. I'll see what I can do about the Weekenders... "monthers?"... but I promise we're not slowing down on the posts.

As long as you keep visiting, we aren't going anywhere in 2018. Happy, Healthy New Years to you and yours. Let's all share the best 2018 possible.

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