Net Worth by Age Calculator for the United States in 2013

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Ever wonder how your net worth stacks up with the rest of your age group in America?  We made a net worth by age calculator using Federal Reserve data - merely enter your net worth and the age range of the primary earner in the household to see which net worth quantile your net worth puts you in for your age group!

Once you select your inputs, we will graph all of the net worth breakpoints for that age range below.  Also, if you want to take a closer glance at our data, you can find a spreadsheet to download below.

Bonus: when you're done, we also have an  income by age calculator as well!

Net Worth Bracket for Every Age in the United States


Methodology and Source on the Net Worth by Age Calculator

This calculator uses Federal Reserve SCF data.  Our complete methodology is detailed in the first article in the series, about how income doesn't particularly predict net worth very well.  We are using the net worth formulation identical to the one laid out in the Federal Reserve's SCF SAS macro.

Just like in our income by age calculator, we release the data to you here in csv format. If you create a post from it, note on your post that you used our data with a link here so readers are aware of the limitations. Make sure to credit the Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances, as well.


Net worth by age safe image with an electronic keypad

Net worth by age - because demographics matter!

Previous Articles in the SCF Series

For more context, we have to point you to other articles in this series, which better explain some of the trends and interesting points we see in this data:

If you're interested in this calculator, be sure to check out the net worths of different age groups (and the retiree) article.

So, how do you stack up in the net worth by age calculator?  About where you expect?  Anything interesting you see in the data?



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