Bank CD Calculator – What Will Your Investment be Worth?

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Below is a bank CD calculator, which lets you estimate how much interest you'll receive from a planned (or current!) CD investment. Enter a few details about your Certificate of Deposit and we'll let you know how much it will pay out when it matures.

Certificate of Deposit Calculator

Using the Bank CD Calculator

For the tool to estimate how much you'll get when the certificate of deposit matures, you have to fill out 4 fields:

  • Annual Interest Rate/APY (%) - Enter the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) advertised for your Certificate of Deposit. Rarely, you might be quoted an Annual Percentage Rate. Convert that to an APY and insert that number here.
  • Deposit Amount ($) - How much do you plan to invest in the Certificate of Deposit upfront?
  • Length of CD: - Enter the number of months or years for the CD to mature (you will enter the unit type/date type below).
  • CD Term Measured in - Choose whether the CD length is measure in years or months.

Certificate of Deposit Calculator Outputs

After you've successfully entered the terms of the Certificate of Deposit investment in the calculator, hit the "Compute CD Return" button. The tool will give you two outputs:

  • Final Balance ($) - When your Certificate of Deposit matures, our estimate of how much money you'll receive.
  • Interest Earnings ($) - Of the above final balance at maturity, this field shows which amount comes from investment gains on the CD.

Investing in the Future

While Certificates of Deposit aren't the most exciting investment in the world, they're an excellent tool for managing cash flow. When you absolutely need a certain amount on some date in the future, you can time a CD to mature right before, with an FDIC guarantee (in the United States, and up to a point) that the money will not disappear due to bank insolvency.

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