Managing Your Money Shouldn’t Be a Second Job.

Don't Quit Your Day Job...

DQYDJ is a personal finance site with a twist – we produce original research, visualizations, calculators and tools for our readers, along with some of the most well researched investing and economics articles you can find on the web.

Since 2009, PK and Cameron have presented the internet with innovative tools and approaches which show you finance from a new angle .  We’ve done deep depth and wide breadth: anything to help you better understand complex issues and help you grab control of your own financial destiny.

Whether you’re a beginner, a motivated amateur, or a professional there’s something for you here.

What They’re Saying…

“Don’t Quit Your Day Job is what happens when somebody with an actual brain decides it’s time to enter the fray.” –Financial Uproar

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I founded DQYDJ in 2009 to talk about personal finance from a home base - later branching out to create the visualizations, calculators, and original research you'll find scattered throughout the site. I also built our sister site RewardBus's infrastructure and front end, and I did the full stack on CompareLook. I'm thirty-something, living in the Bay Area and working at Twilio. I'm married with two daughters and a loyal dog.

I love talking with younger bloggers and writers. Whether your specialty is finance or not, please comment on the site, get in touch, contact me on Twitter... or however you're comfortable. DQYDJ was young once and it helps to talk to someone who has been doing it awhile.

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 Cameron Daniels

My background is in financial and credit analytics, having experience in industries spanning lending, telecommunications, technology and banking. Tools I use include SAS, STATA, R, SQL, SPSS and VBA. I studied Math and Economics at Notre Dame.

I currently live in Seattle, WA (in the great country of Cascadia) but have also lived in New England, Texas, Indiana and California. My interests lie in investing, venture capital, and labor economics (economics of education, collective bargaining, and the like.)

I (along with PK) also run RewardBus, a financial education site with credit education and resources to help you on your journey. You can contact me with questions or opportunities.

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